An Interview with the Founder of Life Line Screening, Dr. Andrew J Manganaro

Andrew J. Manganaro is the Chief Medical Officer of Life Line Screening. He graduated from Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa where he studied philosophy and biology respectively. He later joined New York University School of Medicine and did his residency and chief residency in vascular surgery and cardiothoracic at the University of Rochester. He then received a board certification in Thoracic Surgery.

Dr. Manganaro is in charge of supervision of the panel board of certified physicians who review the ultrasounds at Life Line Screening. He is also in charge of quality assurance as well as the overview of marketing. Dr. Manganaro got the screening idea from his practice as a cardiovascular surgeon. He witnessed many catastrophic cases such as completed carotid embolic strokes, issues that could have been avoided if only the patient recognized the symptoms and went for treatment at an early stage.

Dr. Manganaro brought his idea to life through hard work and by embracing teamwork. According to him, hard work and persistence are the two things that make him a productive entrepreneur. He believes that to assess and reassess your failures is the only way to grow. Dr. Manganaro recommends the book Idylls of the King that basically teaches humans the good and the bad.

Life Line Screening is dedicated to providing health knowledge to people and providing them access to affordable screening services to help them discover and take care of chronic illnesses at an early stage. Life Line Screening is one of the largest vascular and vascular-associated disease screening service provider in U.S.A. According to their database, they have screened over eight million people since inception. Life line screening has reached many people because of its aggressive marketing campaign strategy on the benefits of screening to the community.

Some of the services offered at Life Line Screening include non-invasive ultrasounds that include measurement of ankle brachial index for testing peripheral vascular disease and non-invasive screening for testing atrial fibrillation. The future focus for Life Line Screening is developing new screening tests and new preventive measures for health conditions. Life Line Screening will soon be offering new screening services to its clients.


How Does Chris Burch Manage His Business Empire?

Chris Burch has run a number of different companies in his career, and he recently gave an interview that explains how he does his work. This article explains how Chris is changing the world of business with his ideas, and someone who wishes to learn more about business will find what they need. Chris makes many decisions based on his perspective, and this article explains how his management style works.

#1: What Does He Do Every Day?

There are many different people who are coming up with a routine that will ensure business success, and Chris has pointed out that he simply does not have a routine. He works as hard as he can for that day, and he reflects on how the day went after it is over. There are many people who are not reflecting on what they have done, and Chris asks that everyone reflect on what they have done before they move on.  Additional article here.

#2: Learning To Work

Chris was put to work at a construction company to learn about hard work, and he knows that many people must learn this before they go into the business world. He knows that every job he sees done is difficult, and he respects the people who work for him. The work that is done within a business must be respected, and Chris preaches that to his staff.

#3: Supporting Good Businesses

Chris has supported many good businesses that he believes in, and they range from The Wish where he just bought some hats to other that he respects. Chris has encouraged many people to respect and study the business world, and he is expanding his reach in many ways because he is investing in resorts.  Check this must-read interview of Burch on

#4: Nihiwatu

The Nihiwatu resort is quite a lot of fun to visit because it is one of the most beautiful in the world. It is a five-star resort that people may visit in Indonesia, and it is a lovely place to sit on the water and enjoy a time away from home. Related article on

Anyone who is studying what Chris Burch has done will learn quite a lot about how to manage a business. He has done amazing work to help people learn about business, and he ensures that all those who listen to him walk away with better information. He wants to teach the world how to run a better business in any industry.  For updates on Burch timeline activities, hit

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Reasons Why Jose Borghi is Among Brazilian’s Most Influential Advertisers

Jose Borghi, the founder of Mullen Lowe Brasil, makes it into the list of the most dominant advertisers in the Brazilian advertising industry. He has created a number of unforgettable adverts like the Mammals of Parmalat or the Sazon ad. These adverts are still remembered today. This is a great achievement especially for a person who was not sure on the career path to take until his sister took him to the theatre to watch a performance. It was this experience that helped him decide on his future career.

Early Life

Jose Henrique Borghi attended PUC Campinas where he undertook Advertising and Propaganda. His first job was with the Standart Ogilvy agency. He then moved a step further in his career and started his own advertising agency, BorghiErh, which was a joint venture with Erh Ray, his partner. In the beginning, the agency had no bank, godfather or investors on board meaning that they had to start from scratch. In December, 2006, Jose Borghi split up with his partner and the agency was bought by Lowe prompting it changed its name to Borghi Lowe. In the recent past, the agency merged with the Mullen group and Lowe & Partners to come up with the Mullen Lowe brand. He assumed the post of the co-CEO together with Andre Gomes.

Present Day

From the onset, Jose stated that he realized early enough that nothing comes easy without putting in a lot of effort in order to achieve the desired results. Jose Borghi has been handling important campaigns for a number of brands. Jose has handled ads on behalf of Fiat, Delta Airlines, Globo, Procter, Asia Motors, Unilever, Electrolux, Folha Group, America On Line BankBoston, Coral Paints, American Express and many others. Mr. Borghi has amassed a number of awards in the course of his illustrious career in advertising. He has managed to scoop: Cannes Lions (14), The One Show Awards (10), London Festival Awards (7), New York Festival (11), Clios Awards (10) and Advertising Awards (15).

Does Your EOS Lip Balm Match Your Personality?

One of the things I like most about the EOS lip balms is that my friends and I all seem to have our one signature flavor that we continually go back to. Even after trying out many of the other flavors and colors, we all have that one that we just love and just defines our lip balm spirit.

Mine is the visibly soft smooth sphere Vanilla Mint. I like the smooth spheres not only because of their fun swirly pattern, but because they seem to have an extra kick of moisture that leaves my lips incredibly soft after just one use. The Vanilla Mint has a duality to it that keeps me coming back to it – the Vanilla scent and flavor is very soft and feminine, while the mint has a bit of a fun kick that’s subtle yet fits very well with the Vanilla. Visit this site, for more updates.

I have a good friend who bought the Summer Fruit in the pink orb when it first came out years ago and has never wavered. She loves the flirty smell and exotic taste of the fruit blend. The hot pink is bold and bright like she is and it’s easy to see why this is and likely always will be her go-to, come to this site.

Another friend of mine uses the Honeysuckle Honeydew and similar to her it is a soft and sweet flavor. The honeysuckle and honeydew are not a combination you tend to hear much, but they pair absolutely perfectly, two soft and sweet flavors.

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Additionally, although we have all tried other products, we come back to EOS because of the quality ingredients. Many glosses just cake on your lips and make them look smooth while providing no real moisture. EOS uses natural ingredients like Vitamin E oil and shea butter so that your lips are actually improved after using them.

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EOS’s Shimmer Lip Balms Dazzle and Moisturize

EOS Lip Balms have only been on the market since 2009, but business has taken off and pushed them ahead of competitors like Burt’s Bees, Chapstick and Blistex. The company is based out of New York City, and in part owes their success to celebrity endorsements. Even though Hollywood A-Listers might have put them on the map, their desirable packaging and fun array of flavors keeps them around. More stories here on

The unique spherical shape of EOS lip balms makes them quickly recognizable (not to mention easier to dig out of the bottom of your purse). With the larger surface area, you can quickly use EOS spheres to apply balm to both lips at the same time. The feel and texture, as well as the unique flavors available, makes lip balm fun again instead of only a necessity. Other companies are scrambling to produce knock offs of the unique design, but EOS stays ahead of the game by continually releasing new lines of products.

One of those product lines is the Shimmer Lip Balms. These products stand out from others in that they don’t go on clear, but have a shimmery colored tint to them. They come in a luxurious black sphere with color cutouts, and include the flavors Sheer Pink and Pearl. The natural conditioning oils still moisturize and soften your lips, but with an added shimmer for a more made up look. Watch fun facts on

Like the other EOS lip balms, the shimmer colors include anti-oxidant Vitamin E, Jojoba oil for long lasting moisture, and nourishing Shea butter. It is also natural, organic, gluten-free, paraben-free, and petrolatum-free. You can be sure that when you use EOS Lip Balms you are protecting yourself and the environment.

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Ricardo Tosto: Navigating the Litigious Brazilian Law Landscape

Law industry in Brazil is thriving with over a thousand courses and tens of thousands of lawyers. This designates Brazil as a very litigious country with strict laws governing various sectors and industries. Globally, Brazil is only rivaled by the United States and India in terms of the number of lawyers in the country. One of the driving factors for the popularity of law as a profession in the country is the numerous law schools in the country. Moreover, law practice is a lucrative business and profession that is well-paying especially for experienced, highly qualified and reputable attorneys such as Ricardo Tosto; a preeminent Brazilian lawyer with over twenty five years of experience and an investor in the Brazilian law industry.

Work Experience

Since 1991, Ricardo Tosto has worked at the São Paulo based law practice, Leite, Tosto and Barros Advocates. Over the past decades, he has risen through the ranks of the company to become one of the firm’s managing partners. At the company, Ricardo Tosto is actively involved in the management of the company. He not only take on some of the high profile cases that comes through the firm, Ricardo Tosto is directly involved in case reviewing and training of the new employees while also giving them directions on how to handle the cases. His supervisory and management roles also include supervising the handling of the cases while also formulating organizational strategies and supervising their implementation. His excellent management was feted in 2013 by the International Law Office (ILO) with the ILO Client Choice.

Education Background

Ricardo Tosto’s reputation as a veteran in the Brazilian law with over two decades of practice is founded on her strong academic background. He graduated from Mackenzie Presbyterian University with a law degree before joining Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) for a degree in business administration.

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Get A Significant Amount Of Freedom

You can eliminate the threat of huge college expenses with a NexBank account that has over 1,600+ college savings program. There is over 246,000+ online customers that trust the name for their financial services. They are proudly located in Dallas, Texas and overseen by successful CEO and President, John Holt. Holt recently, spoke at a Texas Financial Annual Association Conference that has inspired their stockholders to back their growth 100%. They have over $40 billion dollars in assets and FDIC insurance that adds multiply ways for your money to have superior protection. Their services are very popular among business tycoons and personalized account holders.

NexBank financial institute focuses on their core financial services including industrial, commercial, and investment. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their services by being on the first to take on integrated features. Their financial innovative technology solutions has helped them acquire a $24 million dollar common equity gain. It is very important to get the financial backing that you need when you’re trying to invest in your future ore retirement. NexBank has a wonderful investment program that allows their customers to put away for their future. Become a part of the financial revolution with NexBank today.

Are you tired of student loan debt costing you a fortune? NexBank has over 1,600+ college savings programs to choose from with the benefit of reducing the amount of money you spend on college expenses and tuition. Both, parents and students can benefit from this program. They decided to make this program possible through a merger with College Savings bank in New Jersey. You can also buy a home or save 1.9% interest by putting money in their interest bearing savings account. Take part in their first-time home owners program with a Habitat For Humanity program located under their mortgage tab. You’re invited to become a part of NexBank today.


Evolution Of Smooth Gives A Burst Of Flavor

Evolution Of Smooth is a relatively new company that has enjoyed tremendous success in the lip balm industry. Although they have only been around for seven years, they have managed to become a household name across the country. They are most notable for their unique packaging, as well as the many fun and unique flavors that they offer. Some of the most popular flavors include summer fruit and honeysuckle honeydew. There are, of course, many other flavors to choose from that range from vanilla to blueberry acai. The most popular flavors vary from country to country, but everyone agrees that there is a tasty flavor to suit most people. Read more.

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Evolution Of Smooth is a success story that is remarkable because they were not only successful, but they were also able to overtake the industry leader for over a century. Chapstick had been the go-to product for more than one hundred years but the clever marketing strategy and incredible quality of Evolution Of Smooth allowed them to take the number two position with Chapstick currently in the number three position.

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Another reason for the skyrocket to the top is because celebrities began to use the products and were seen in public using it. Once the fans saw that they were using EOS, they had to have it too. Pretty soon, the lip balms could be found in most large retail stores and had become a staple product, see for more. The company is expecting to see steady growth over the next several years. In fact, they expect to see approximately $1 billion in sales in the next three years. One thing is certain, they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Consumers love the fun variety of flavor and the overall quality of the product, which is why they are still expecting to rise to the top.


John Goullet – Helping Diversant LLC Scale New Heights of Success

In the world of Information Technology, one of the leading personalities that are often talked about is John Goullet. He has single-handedly helped in changing the face of the IT recruitment and staffing industry by providing innovative and customized solutions, first through Info Technologies, and today through Diversant LLC, where he also serves as the Principal Executive. John Goullet loved computers and knew from the very beginning he belonged to the world of information technology. It is for this reason he studied computer science at Ursinus College and graduated in 1994.

It is when he joined the IT sector, and in the first few years of his career, worked for noted IT companies such as Piscataway, Cap Gemini, and TSR Technology. Working at some of the leading IT firms gave John the much-needed exposure to the IT industry and also helped him gain experience. However, during his time in the IT industry, he noted that there is a big underlying problem that most of these IT firms are facing and that is a dearth of IT talent. Even though there were some specialized and general consultancy firm that continued sourcing and supplying IT talent to the industry, it was simply not enough for the demand there was and is in the IT sector.

To fill this void that was getting wider with every passing day, John Goullet started Info Technologies. John Goullet managed to take Info Technologies to great heights of success in a very short span, and in just five years the company was worth at over $30 million. However, he understood the dynamics of the business in the IT sector fast and knew that to remain competitive and keep expanding, a merger was necessary.

It is when he merged Info Technologies with Diversant LLC. Presently, John Goullet holds the designation of Principal Executive at Diversant LLC and continues to head the company to become one of the pioneers in the web and IT space through his leadership skills and business acumen. Diversant LLC has a much wider service portfolio than Info Technologies and apart from providing IT recruitment solutions, also offer web development, online marketing, application development, and other web and IT services.

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Chris Burch Discusses Success as an Entrepreneur

There are a great many ways to make your way through the world of employment. Christopher Burch, of Burch Creative Capital, knew early on that he wanted to establish himself as an entrepreneur and investor who played into industries that he was interested and passionate in. This brought Burch to invest in technology, luxury brands, and more. Burch is never one to shy away from sharing his story so it was great to see him spill some advice in an interview with CEOCFO.  For te full interview, click

Addressing Chris Burch’s work with his own Burch Creative Capital, Burch says that, “We set out to create disruptive ideas that have a direct, positive, and lasting impact on people’s lives.” Burch said that his goal, always, is to start with a concept that he believes in before adding a team of dynamic, talented, and friendly people. Burch goes on to say that this guiding principle is what leads him to his many different investment opportunities. Burch likes to blend his own skills and thought process as he selects the different brands and products that he is going to tie into with Burch Creative Capital.  Check related article on

By far the most important thing that Burch Creative Capital has accomplished is that they’ve turned into a company that people want to work with. Burch admits that it is getting harder to get some entrepreneurs to partner with them because, “I’ve been finding lately that a lot of young entrepreneurs want to go their own way. I only nurture people that actually hopelessly want it to happen.” It’s pretty clear that Chris Burch knows who is worth working with and who is worth working against.

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Still, despite his status as an elite investor there is much that he has to learn and more that he has to teach. Burch says that he has primarily learned one simple thing: “Take risks.” Burch goes on to say, “I’ve taken many risks, and had my share of failures, but they have gotten me to where I am today and I am happy. I’ve had thousands of failures, but I move forward and keep creating and investing.” That, as it turns out, is the key to success.  Additional articles on

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